About the projects


Brink is a transmedia project that collects stories from borderline and borderization regions in Georgia.

Different forms of storytelling including short videos, photos, texts, GIFs and audios are telling stories about people’s everyday life, bringing their thoughts and wishes to the wider audience.

Brink means being on the edge. This is the place that marks differences and things in common at the same time. Borderline villages are most often inhabited by people from different regions, nationalities, religious groups and sometimes countries as well. Here you can find a Greek woman living alone with Svanetian eco-migrants, or meet catholic and orthodox Christians praying in their churches 10 meters away each other, or find Polish girls living and working with some Svanetians and Adjarians in Kakheti and etc.

We decided to find out what it’s like living on the edge of your country and to show people, stories, memories and the special atmosphere that are often described as the cultural diversity of Georgia.

Most often stories told from these regions have been breaking news. We knew if people from borderline villages had some special needs or we always knew when people were kidnapped from borderization villages but we didn’t know how it’s like working in your own apple garden being ready to be kidnapped anytime.

We thought that the best way to do it would be living with the people in villages. We spend several days each time living in a farmer’s, or a school teacher’s or a shepherd’s family observing the everyday life from inside, talking to the people around and sometimes helping them in the house or in garden work.

The material we collect is placed on a visual map where people can choose the way to experience them. There are different paths to enter the Website: Photo, video, text, audio, hashtag words. All of the paths are moving to the same direction - into the everyday life in borderline places.