Project Brink on TV

The village of Sameba

One village, 23 families and 3 nationalities at the Madatapa lake.

Georgians, Russians and Armenians - Three lifes of one small family.

Kirbal (01/04/2016)

Stories about kidnapped people from the borderization village of Kirbali.


Border on the river. 

The life of eco-migrants near Alazani. 


.Divided apple gardens 

.Meeting at the fresh occupation line

Sakire (11/03/2016)

A Greek village on the hills full of abandones houses and one last greek lady left in the village 


Nikozi (04/03/2016)

Art school facing the artificial boundary


Georgian catholics


Jandara Lake(05.02.2016)

One lake with two - Georgian and Azerbaijan names.


Polish girls and Svanetian eco-migrants living in the desert.