Chateau Ateni

A winemaker Soso Vanishvili started making wine in 2008 after the war. Today 50% of his wine is exported.


Factory – a place, where metal and wood is used to create a comfortable space. A young entrepreneur has created a new Georgian company and is getting ready for the EU market.

"Kula" on EU market.

They started a business in Gori after the war in 2008 and today it’s one of the most successful brands from this region on EU market.

Yerevan, Armenia - 8 May

People poured into the streets to celebrate opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan's election as prime minister.

Difficult small movements

Nikozi - the small village lives between the echo of the Russo-Georgian War in 2008 and the sound of drawing pencils on the paper. The checkpoints start and end the village and in between there is an art school where children use their hands to create beauty and light. Nika who studies the art of animation there is going to do it all of his life. He moves the shadows and his own drawings while the occupational line outside the school is sometimes being moved too.

Which of the movements will last longer?


A character LAMB is often there on the old and new walls of Tbilisi, as well as in many other cities and villages of Georgia. It can be met in Lisbon, Berlin, Paris, Prague, Barcelona etc. LAMB often reacts on ongoing social and political issues in his country. The creator of LAMB - the young Georgian artist tells the story of his character and himself.

Facebook teachers

Keti is a student. It’s her second year at University. Two years ago no one could believe around her including herself that she would become a student. Risen in an orphanage she had no chance to have any extra lessons with private teachers. So she found young enthusiast teachers via Facebook and were sending them questions related to history, English, Georgian with the help of the social media.

What is far and what is close

A short video on memory and Soviet Nostalgia and the growing top-quality export of Georgian wine to the markets of the EU.